Key to Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy

Our flagship Baptiste Nickel Project supports the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Who are we?

FPX Nickel is a Vancouver-based junior nickel mining company developing the large-scale Decar Nickel District in central British Columbia.

Our approach

Our approach to responsible project development and mine design prioritizes early engagement and collaborative decision-making with Indigenous communities.

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Our first and foundational Sustainability Report is now available, where you can learn more about FPX Nickel and our Environmental, Social, and Governance practices and initiatives

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Virtual fly-over

Get a bird’s eye view of our flagship nickel property.
Click on either the Baptiste Deposit or the Van Target for a closer look.

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What makes the Baptiste Nickel Project different?

  • Large Resource, Long Life
  • Low Projected Costs
  • High-Value, Strategic Nickel Product
  • Conventional Mining & Processing
  • The Green Choice for Nickel
  • Excellent Location

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FPX Nickel corporate presentation

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