Our Vision

Enable Canada’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

Nickel is a critical mineral needed for global efforts to mitigate climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy, and there will be an increasing demand for nickel as these technologies are developed and implemented.

Our company’s foundation is the development of a new potential source of nickel, awaruite, which forms best in specific conditions such as at our Baptiste deposit. Awaruite possesses significant processing and downstream advantages over traditional sulphide and laterite nickel sources, presenting a tangible leap forward to produce large quantities of green nickel.

We are conscious of the social and environmental issues connected to much of today’s nickel supply, and believe we have a collective duty to identify sources and processing strategies that allow us to supply the required amount of nickel that we need, while protecting the environment for future generations. We are committed to producing low carbon nickel and maximizing positive legacies for local communities.


Our Mission

Advancing the Baptiste Nickel Project

The Baptiste Nickel Project represents a multi-generational opportunity to responsibly develop a mine that can produce a significant quantity of low-carbon nickel, while also protecting people and the environment.

We are a dedicated team, passionate about awaruite’s potential, and we are working every day to put in place the building blocks that will advance a modern mining project in a way that is aligned with global sustainable development goals.

Our team is designing a purpose-fit processing strategy that leverages the inherent advantages of awaruite, validating it as an innovative new source of nickel, and we are taking a values-based approach to mine design, developing shared long-term land use vision, from the beginning.


Our Values

Safety, Respect, & Collaboration

Safety means protecting people in everything we do, whether that is going home safe every day, fostering an inclusive company culture, or in the way we design with safety in mind.

Respect to us is doing what’s right, treating each other fairly, respecting human rights, and protecting our shared environment and natural resources.

Collaboration to us means working together by being open and honest and building lasting and meaningful relationships. Developing a successful major project takes the work of many people: scientists, engineers, Indigenous Knowledge Holders, community leaders, and governments, and we are working to create a space for this collaboration to thrive.