The composition of the alloy can vary from 63% to 83% nickel and averages 75%, the remainder being iron and minor cobalt and copper.

Magnetic strength:Very strong
Density:8.2 (Heavy)

Alloy-Selective Analysis: Total Nickel versus Nickel Alloy


Nickel alloy in Decar 2010 drill core was analyzed using a commercially certified, alloy-selective analytical methodthat selectively dissolves nickel present as nickel-iron alloy and does not extract the nickel present within rock-forming silicate minerals. This method was developed exclusively for, and is proprietary to FPX Nickel Corp., and also provides a very significant advantage in exploring for similar style targets around the world.

Following independent studies, including the development of certified standards to monitor accuracy, this analytical method has been certified by Dr. Barry Smee of Smee & Associates Consulting Ltd. Dr. Smee is a consulting geologist/geochemist who works internationally. His work includes: evaluating the performance of assay laboratories; recommending to companies effective assay quality control procedures; and certifying laboratory standards. As part of the quality control program implemented by the Company, these standards, plus blanks and duplicates, are assayed for total nickel and nickel present as nickel-iron alloy in each batch of samples.