In early 2022, FPX Nickel initiated an internal assessment of the Company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) performance. Our first and foundational Sustainability Report reflects the results of this assessment and provides an introduction to FPX Nickel, and the sustainability initiatives we have implemented to date.

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The Sustainability Report was prepared using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to report on the Company’s business and sustainability initiatives. The topic areas within the Sustainability Report were defined based on the Company’s purpose, mission, and core values, which will continue to guide our sustainability initiatives going forward.

Report Highlights

Environmental: Our Opportunity to Play a Role in Addressing Climate Change

Nickel is an important material for our society, necessary for the fabrication of stainless steel and electric vehicle batteries, and has been identified by Canada and other nations as essential to the transition to renewable energy technologies. We recognize that FPX Nickel and, in particular, the Baptiste Nickel Project have an important part to play in responsible sourcing of critical minerals and the transition to a low carbon economy. The Baptiste Nickel Project represents a multi-generational opportunity to develop a mine that will produce very low-carbon nickel, estimated to be in the lowest decile of global nickel produced today. This fundamental opportunity to play a role in addressing climate change represents both the purpose and mission of our company FPX Nickel, and the Baptiste Nickel Project.

Social: Our Commitment to Working Together to Define the Project

The present moment marks a generational opportunity for the mining industry, as we see a growing focus on the need for secure and responsible sourcing of critical minerals. This includes the significant opportunity for Indigenous leadership and direct participation in major projects, such as the Baptiste Nickel Project. As we step towards this goal together, FPX is committed to establishing collaborative decision-making processes with First Nation communities to define the Baptiste Nickel Project together. Creating and supporting the space for this collaboration is a core focus of the Social pillar of the Company’s Sustainability program.

Governance: Demonstrating Our Values Through Our Actions

Through our commitment to strong board and operational governance, FPX Nickel seeks to contribute to accountable institutions in Canada and to continue to be a leader for junior mining companies. This has included establishment of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee within the Board of Directors, establishment of the Company’s Sustainability department, implementation of new corporate policies, and broadening of professional experience and perspectives within the Board.

Download the Sustainability Report